Essay on advantages and disadvantages of fast foods

I think that eating fast food is problematic for a number of reasons. Low Quality of food Fast food is a fast turning food item that needs quick preparation time. Moreover,government should ristriction on that companies which produce artificial products. It was also around this time when TV dinner was introduced.

Very small amounts of vegetables and fruits are present in fast food. There have been more than one case of fast food restaurants being busted for being unhygienic.

Advantages and disadvantages of fast food consumption.

Nevertheless, slow food has some disadvantages. It is quite easy to comprehend that some fast food restaurants may not take appropriate measures to wash and prepare the vegetables or meat due to time constraints.

Obesity is a common medical condition in most countries with a fast food culture. Opt for lean meat. People do not have to go to the grocery store to buy ingredients and then come home to prepare their meals.

Youngsters have always enjoyed the unhealthy but fascinatingly tasty fast food.

8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

Quickness, cheapness, convenience, and good taste of food are main reasons that determine the popularity of fast food restaurants.

Additionally, the shifting schedule also provides for flexibility in schedule. Sodas and burgers are high in fat, sugar and salt. A variety in food No article on fast food advantages and disadvantages would be complete without us talking about this.

Dairy products, such as cheese and yogurtwhole grains, lean meat and fish are essential components of a balanced diet. Go for bread products that are made from wheat bread. Sodas and burgers are high in fat, sugar and salt. I have a bite later at the University cafeteria. N,November The second advantage of fast food is the low prices.

So,they will take prepacked food products,which have manifold fruitful like as easy to prepare,labeled methods on it,how to prepare it. Family meal time has always been seen as an opportunity where members of the family gather to spend some quality time together while eating and chatting.

Additionally, many children from present time prefer eating in fast food branches with friends of their age rather than with their parents, this could also decrease the amount of time where the whole family actually gather. What is vital is to make healthy food choices.

However, this can easily lead to customers eating excessive fast food. One of the advantages of choosing fast food chains over regular restaurants or home cooking is its fast serving time.

We also know that the body loves to store carbohydrates as fatty deposits. As for the hotdogs, there are also choices like chicken and turkey.

Even extravagant home cooked meals can be heavy on the pocket in comparison to fast food. If too much is consumed, this can cause issues in the cardiovascular and kidney function.

Many fast food joints like Subway are aiming to produce healthy food options. Whereas, when you visit a sit-down restaurant or cook a meal at home, you have more time to conversate with friends or family.

We require a small amount of salt to maintain the health of the cells and tissues. Bottom line — the fast food industry as a whole has come a long way, from saving consumers money to offering healthier options on the menu.

Advantages of Fast Food It saves money. NutriNeat Staff Last Updated: However, there are certain things you should know before you dig into that greasy burger you enjoy so much.

A Bit of History Fast food made its way to the American homes in more than six decades ago. Moreover, sanitation has been an issue in some fast food establishments with some workers seen mishandling food preparation. Fast food joints are spread all over the world, open and serving anytime of the day.

There have also been reports on how animals are treated in slaughter houses and this is partly because of the increasing demand for meat and poultry. In addition, people who eat a lot of fast food and takeaways are not learning to cook at home.Fast Food Advantages and Disadvantages – Conclusion In this fast-paced world fast food is very much a permanent part of our lifestyle.

To sum it up, the argument for. May 05,  · Advantages/Disadvantages Of Fast Food Short Essay. There are many reasons that many people love to eat fast food. It is fast and easy to eat food which makes us satisfy. But, recently, We have heard that fast food is farmful food for human.

However, recently, We hear that fast food is harmful food for human. There are too many researches about disadvantage of fast food.

The disadvantages of fast food These days people, instead of eating home cooked foods become advocate of fast foods. fast food are some foods like pizza, burgers, sandwiches, French fries that are prepared and served quickly, outside homes and have little or no nutrient value but instead are loaded with fat, sugar, soil, etcetera.

It can also make you feel good if you cook a good meal for other people. The advantages of slow food are evident. It is much healthier than fast food, and therefore, people can enjoy eating their meals without thinking of health problems. Nevertheless, slow food has some disadvantages. It. In conclusion, the disadvantages of fast food outweighs the advantages of fast food.

Fast food may be convenient, cheap and have a wider variation, however these advantages can easily contradict themselves as they can encourage the customers to overeat, leading to various health problems. Fast Food is High in Sodium Fast food is typically very high in sodium.

A large order of fast food french fries can contain as much as 30% of your daily value of sodium. While important to consume in small amounts, a diet high in sodium can lead to high blood pressure, a potential precursor to heart disease.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of fast foods
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