Phantom of the opera

The Phantom appears atop the mausoleum, again under the guise of the Angel of Music "Wandering Child". What raging passion floods the soul, what rich desire unlocks its door, what sweet seduction lies before us, Later, in New York, Lloyd Webber found Phantom of the opera second-hand copy of the original, long-out-of-print Leroux novel, which supplied the necessary inspiration to develop a musical: He is rich and therefore offers her security as well as a wholesome, Christian marriage.

Forum for Modern Language Studies. Christine's childhood friend and love interest. Charles Harta young and then-relatively unknown lyricist, later rewrote many of the lyrics, along with original lyrics for "Think of Me". Often referred to as "Little Meg", Madame Giry's only daughter, a ballet girl.

They are also used to provide the content of the fictional "operas" that are taking place within the show itself, viz. Furious, the Phantom declares war upon them both and causes flames to spring up around the mausoleum "Bravo Monsieur". Raoul is seen as Christine's childhood love whom she is familiar with and has affection for.

Afterward, a local newspaper runs the simple note: Hal Princedirector of CabaretCandideFolliesand Lloyd Webber's Evitadirected the production, while Gillian Lynneassociate director and choreographer of Catsprovided the integral musical staging and choreography. Characters[ edit ] Erik: The managers try to downplay the incident, but Carlotta angrily insists that such things have been happening for "three years" and she storms out, quitting the show.

Raoul tells Christine he will act on his promise the next day, to which she agrees. In the prologue he tells the readers about the Phantom and the research that he did to prove the truth of the ghost.

She uses the example of how Leroux introduces the song Danse Macabre which means "dance of death" in the gala scene which foreshadows the graveyard scene that comes later where the Phantom plays the fiddle for Christine and attacks Raoul when he tries to intervene.

The details about the Palais Garnierand rumors surrounding it, are closely linked in Leroux's writing. The music is just wonderful. As Christine whispers that she knows the Phantom is near, Carlotta reminds her that her role is silent, calling her a "little toad".

Christine visits her father's grave one night, where a mysterious figure appears and plays the violin for her. Armand Moncharmin and Firmin Richard: The piano suddenly starts playing by itself-having been taken over by the Phantom-and soon the whole company sings the correct notes in unison.

This version starred Lon Chaney Sr. Unbeknownst to Christine and Raoul, Erik has been watching them and overheard their whole conversation. She tells him it is his soul that people fear and not his face.

Give me Gerard Butler!This spectacular new production of Phantom is now on tour across North America with a cast and orchestra of 52, making it one of the largest productions now on tour!

Phantom Broadway is the musical all others are measured against.

The timeless story, the unforgettable score, and an undeniable obsession that could never die. The Phantom of the Opera — Andrew Lloyd Webber's magnum opus, and the longest running play in Broadway history — is back on the road courtesy of its incredibly talented touring company, and it's coming to a theater near you in !

Tickets for all upcoming performances are on sale now, so you can experience the iconic score, the gothic.

Phantom of the Opera (DVD) (WS) Deep in the passageways below the Paris Opera lives a lonely, talented, horribly disfigured man who revels in terrorizing the theater's employees as The Phantom of the Opera/5(K).

Home of the world's most popular musical, making its triumphant and long-awaited return onto the world stage this year - Book your tickets now! The beloved story and thrilling score - with songs like “Music of the Night,” “All I Ask Of You,” and “Masquerade” - will be performed by a cast and orchestra of 52, making this PHANTOM one of the largest productions now on tour.

Phantom of the opera
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