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Early Influences While an undergraduate at Princeton, Merwin did find important mentors who shaped his life. The Writings of W. He played with the forms of indirect narration typical of this period, a self-conscious experimentation explained in an essay called 'On Open Form' His development as a poet has spanned great literary distances, from the early formalism of A Mask for Janus to the spare, simple language and openness of the verse form he refined in The Lice.

What he had to say required new ways of communicating, new vessels that would journey toward new realms of perception. This departure from his early themes and format is intensified in The Moving Targetwhere Merwin essentially abandons punctuation, making the reader responsible for interpretation of syntax and, to a degree, abdicating control of his work and inviting the reader to construct his or her own images.

Merwin was born in New York City on September 30, Merwin was immediately compelled and haunted by the stony landscape and the stonework of the local architecture. He famously donated the prize money to the draft resistance movement, writing an essay for the New York Review of Books that outlined his objections to the Vietnam War.

Perhaps most important for his poetry, Merwin was confronted in Hawaii by new landscapes and seascapes, new varieties of birds and insects, new sounds and rhythms, and palm trees.

In much of his writing, he presents a despairing view of civilization that is only occasionally tempered by expressions of hope. Although Merwin himself has carefully avoided making in-depth comments or pronouncements about his poetry and has not engaged in the often fussy critical debate that has shadowed his career, his work continues to show evidence that the exploration of the power and enigmatic nature of language is one of his great concerns.

Analysis of Merwin's poetry is provided by John Vogelsang, and by L. Essays on the Poetrynotes that while the verse in A Mask for Janus was seen by some critics as an example of traditional craftsmanship, it was also stiff at times, wordy, and overwrought.

His background led him first to master orthodox forms and later to move beyond them.

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He eventually settled in Maui and began to restore the forest surrounding his former plantation. Auden selected the work for that distinction. The title poem, which also concludes the volume, summarizes Merwin's view of the American landscape as both comedy and tragedy.

In recalling and using the structures and tonalities of a more formal poetry, however, Merwin was able to develop his mastery of those elements and earn his release from them. The poems in The Drunk in the Furnace take some other new and significant directions.

Nature and the Poetry of W. Gone are the earlier elaborate, formal structures. At about the same time, after graduating from high school inMerwin left home to attend Princeton University.

The Lice and The Carrier of Ladders remain his most influential volumes. In much of his later writing, he tempers a profound sense of loss of the natural world with a passionate appreciation of natural beauty and variety, and he exhibits a rhetorical devotion to educating all who will listen about the need for the conservation of natural diversity.

He writes that his family life, which had never been especially comforting or satisfying for him, deteriorated even further while he was in high school.

W. S. Merwin Essay

Although The Drunk in the Furnace continues the sequence of sea poems started in Green with Beasts, the last few poems in the book show Merwin shifting to more uniquely American themes.

Reviewing The Essential W. Merwin began to develop a strong interest in both studying and writing poetry. University of Utah Press, His mother and father grew apart, and both held themselves remote from Merwin. Always a prolific writer, Merwin continually publishes new work in a wide variety of venues and displays his skill in a range of literary genres.The Ends of the Earth: Essays [W.

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W. S. Merwin

W. S. Merwin is widely acknowledged as one of the finest living poets in English. Less well known is the power and range of his work in prose. For his first new prose collection in more than ten yearsReviews: 6.

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W. S. Merwin

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